Rosanna Monachello DHP Acc Hyp, E.F.T, Reiki Master/Teacher

Personal Trainer for the Mind

Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting Refresh. You are looking for answers and desperate to improve your life and your business. I don't believe in accidents. You attract what you think and believe with heartfelt emotion or passion. You have attracted what you need like a magnet. I am here to serve you with the answers to how to harness your greatest productivity and achieve working in a flow state thereby experiencing heightened inspiration, creative thinking and problem solving that will spring board you on to a path of abundance. I am so happy and grateful that you have found me. My life is devoted to finding people such as yourself whom I can help and support.

I was once where you are now and I needed answers. My questions drove me to research and training that has overtaken the best part of my life almost continuously since 2001. I became impassioned by a burning desire to find answers and solutions to combatting stress, overcoming trauma, eradicating trauma induced poor mental health and creating a life worth living. I found them. Now I am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs clear their self limiting belief and replace their negative thought programming with a success mindset that empowers them to direct their attention to achieving their aims with relative ease. Learn how to work smarter not harder. The old paradigm of multi tasking, working long hours, not taking breaks when you need to is dead in the water when held up to the latest scientific research in brain function, behavioural and developmental psychology. Let me introduce you to the new paradigm of harnessing the power of your mind to achieve more by working less. Your brain and your body can achieve far more than you imagine when they are balanced. Will you let me support and guide you to achieve working in a flow state that will enable you to achieve your goals with a sense of passion and joy?

I have 20 years experience of coaching and mentoring. I help clients discover levels of stress relief, freedom and success that they had only previously dreamed of and sometimes not even dared to dream of. Your personal development and holistic therapeutic needs are not only my passion but my mission.


You are your business and you need to be the best you can be. Your empowerment, your health and your well being should be your number one priority. They are the lynchpin to your attracting the abundance you desire. Investing in your personal development is non negotiable if you wish to succeed. Investing in your health and wellbeing by learning to not only manage stress but in fact mitigate it, is not only possible and achievable for you but an indispensable and necessary expense for a savvy business owner who intends to achieve great results and a profitable business in a shorter time frame.

 Despite all the goal setting, business planning and costly/time consuming marketing strategies under the sun, you are baffled by your lack of results. You have been struggling to realise the results you desire on your own. You need my support and here is why. We are all programmed from birth and influenced by our experiences. We are like sponges and the foundations of our lives are set between the ages of 0-7. What is the problem with this? It is simple really. Everything is assimilated and absorbed by an immature and under developed mind. Therefore the correct processing of all this data is extremely limited and accordingly most information gets misfiled. Why is this so detrimental? Our 7 year old child is effectively running our adult life. Would you leave a 7 year old child in charge of your life? Well, in effect you already are. Have you ever experienced doing what you don't want to do in spite of not wanting to do it? Have you ever experienced the same scenarios playing out in your life over and over again? Do you feel as though you are on a merry go round and you can't get off? I know how devastating this can be. I have been there. It is certainly not fun. In fact, the effects can be down right ruinous. You may be feeling confused. You may be feeling like there are invisible brick walls preventing you from proceeding where you want to go. You may feel like doors are slamming in your face or like you are at the bottom of a well making your offers and nobody can hear you. But there is hope. I have been where you are and suffered those consequences myself and have now developed a system of releasing you from your self sabotage and self limiting belief. It is time to stop playing small and open yourself up to an amazing world of feeling the lightness of a great big weight being lifted from your shoulders. The door to your freedom and success is here for you. Will you allow me to open it for you?

We often hear of people winning the lottery and then losing all that money fast. This is evidence of a block in a person's money programme. Everything they have ever learned about money is programmed into their subconscious. Any action is primarily lead by your subconscious belief running the operating system of your mind which happens automatically. Did you know that you have 60,000 thoughts in a day? You cannot possibly be aware of them all and you aren't. Most of those core beliefs and values are subconsciously dictating negative outcomes in your life. Here in lies the answer to why you do the things you do not want to do. I am effectively presenting to you the human mind form of malware running your operating system and thereby governing your choices and outcomes. This is exactly why making changes yourself and on your own is so exhausting, time consuming and often self defeating. You are in effect fighting a battle with your own automatic operating system without the proper tools or know how. This operating system is there to serve you but it has been corrupted by 'malware' in the form of misunderstood, misappropriated, unprocessed and misfiled data. In addition, as a child you experienced emotions that you stored but did not know what to do with or how to handle.  These emotions were given file names and connotations that are still to this day interfering with your productivity like bugs or viruses. This is exactly why some people seem to achieve whatever they desire easily and for others life is a never ending nightmare of catastrophe despite being skilled, talented and so on. However, there is hope.

Now you are an adult and you can unpack the suitcase of your life without fear and in a safe place.

Please join the Refresh Academy for tools and resources that you can use at home or wherever you are and in your own time as a cost effective introduction to me and my philosophy and practice or jump right in and choose between stand alone treatments, workshops, or the ultimate coaching and holistic therapy package as described below. This is my high ticket offer for extreme results fast. You can either book adhoc hours or dedicate yourself to my 30 day coaching programme. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


One to one consultations with me can be likened to a mind audit. Guided by my intuition which is sparked by our interactions and discussions, I use a fusion of my training, skills and resources to help us identify the 'malware' and we remove it, in agreement together. This is not counselling or psychotherapy. This is identifying, naming, accepting and letting go. There is no going around and around in circles over the same ground for years with little to show for it. This is an intuitive, bespoke, strategic and focused response to your needs and frustrations. This is empathic. This is nurturing. This is empowering. We go at your pace and you are always in control. We cover and review your beliefs, values and experiences and ensure that all imprinting you received as a child is processed and filed appropriately in a helpful way so as to empower you. You then come to realise how diminished your efficacy was. It is very liberating. This is how extreme success can be closer than you think. I have seen clients freed from phobia, anger, resentment, guilt, shame and more that was literally suffocating their work/life experience and balance. This was all done without clients re-living the trauma and in some cases it only took one session for issues to be cleared and lose their power over their life. All they felt was relief and the joy of the sense of freedom and release that comes afterwards. Give yourself the gift of freedom and success by clearing all the blocks that keep you down trodden and in a state of perpetual lack.

Following 5 years of studying Metaphysics, Quantum theory, Wallace D Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Evette Rose, Tony Robbins, Christie Marie Sheldon, Marissa Peer, Eckhart Tolle and many others; in addition to gaining my qualifications in Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique, I have developed a philosophy and practice that helps clients increase their intuitive powers to react to changing markets, decide who to affiliate their business practice with, who to hire and generally achieve a state of heightened performance, freedom and well being that enables them to achieve their goals. They find themselves injected with a new passion for life by the peace, contentment and self love that they activate in themselves during consultations with me. Together we clear the detritus of your mind which is currently taking up valuable brain function and slowing down your operating system...your mind. You may liken it to taking out the trash. I have been fascinated by Neuro Linguistic programming for years and I am currently working towards a certification in NLP in order to further improve results for clients in faster time frames. My learning never stops and my practice is very self reflective because I know that my results for my clients are only as good as my knowledge, experience and skills. I am always on a journey to improvement. Why not join me?

I am a personal trainer for the mind. Are you ready to unleash your incredible and amazing self? Then call me now to arrange an appointment.

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Are you struggling with any of the following? Stress from work or family issues? weight loss? smoking cessation? phobia? or do you simply wish to programme yourself for greater success in your business, sport or hobby? Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool and a soothing experience. You can experience wonderful stress relief in addition to considerable life changing benefits. Whatever you are looking to overcome or succeed in, this may be the perfect solution for you. I am qualified and certified to practice, having received a Distinction. I am a certified member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and therefore operate in accordance to their code of professional practice. You may rest assured that your comfort and welfare are extremely important to me.

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E.F.T or Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique is used by celebrities, sports enthusiasts, professionals and others to create peak performance. In addition, tension, anxiety, anger, trauma and even physical pain can be improved with the technique. It is an excellent tool for therapeutic work and programming the mind for success and positivity. It is often referred to as acupuncture without the needles. My study of psychology and familiarity with human behaviour and brain science makes EFT in my hands powerful and fast. I am qualified to practice having received a Distinction in an E.F.T Diploma. I am a certified member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists as an E.F.T practitioner.

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Angelic Reiki

My energy healing journey began in 2008. My practice has advanced through my qualification as an Angelic Reiki Master and later to teacher degree. This is a beautiful experience. You do not need to believe in the therapy in order to receive any benefit from this. All that is required is an openness to receive and absorb the power of the beautiful energies which I channel. Reiki is now offered in hospitals and by bereavement charities. It helps the body restore itself after physical or emotional trauma helping to alleviate pain and stress. I am Certified to Teacher Degree having studied with Lenise Shaw of the Harmony Healing Centre.

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