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More About Rosanna Monachello DHP.ACC.Hyp, holistic practitioner, teacher, coach, writer, artist, singer, speaker, founder & director of Refresh

A spiritual and highly intuitive holistic practitioner and life coach with exemplary references. Due to the nature of her work and the sensitive aspects of the issues many of her client's present with, Rosanna appreciates the importance of being discreet. Having worked with vulnerable adults and children with special needs, she has experience of best practice and procedure concerning protection issues and confidentiality. She is experienced with child behaviour from birth to 18. As DBS registered she has worked as a childminder, children's workshop facilitator and youth worker in various charitable organisations but most recently her youth related employment was at Charnwood College in collaboration with Above and Beyond. She was charged with the most challenging teenagers.

Rosanna thrives from a challenge and is familiar with working with individuals who have suffered depression, trauma and anorexia. This is true of both her child centred and adult focused practice. Her calm, supportive and empathic style is metered with sufficient 'no nonsense' boundary to make her particularly suited to such work. For obvious reasons all work with children remains confidential and many of her clients prefer to remain anonymous, however there have been many occasions when clients have wished to help Rosanna help others by providing testimonials. Please read the Testimonials

"Following 5 years of studying Metaphysics, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Evette Rose, Tony Robbins, Christie Marie Sheldon, Marissa Peer, Eckhart Tolle and many others; in addition to my qualifications, I have most recently commenced a course for a certification in Neuro Linguistic programming."

She aims to establish an international online space and an educational retreat centre to help others combat limiting beliefs, self sabotaging blocks, process and overcome trauma. She believes in your great potential. It is in you as it is in everyone. Her mission is to help others achieve the things dreams are made of. The grand vision is to establish a centre for personal development and well being including space for an organic therapy garden, well cared for petting animals, spa, swimming pool and accommodation. She also plans to provide several suites for holistic arts practice including painting, sculpting, music production and recording for the purpose of soul expression and emotional release. This will compliment an available programme to overcome negative experiences through Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP Coaching, Reiki, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoga and Tai Chi. It will be the ideal space for her Refresh & Rise Retreats.

This is not just a business but a passion and a dream. In time, Rosanna will be opening a charitable branch of Refresh to fund those who could not otherwise afford access to the centre.

For 20 years she has devoted much time to volunteering for charities to support and coach others to live a happier and more successful life. She very much looks forward to increasing her charitable giving through Refresh C&T Ltd. You can help her reach as many people as possible by sharing content and information on services and courses she is running. Please contact Rosanna, if you might be interested in partnering with her in this mission to make a real difference to the lives of those in need. Her dream is to make available, the support that she found lacking when she was in need.

Our Founder's Story

Refresh Coaching and Training is a limited company but also the birthing and beginning of a grand idea and a big dream.

"I first visualised the dream when I was consumed by trauma, poverty, a lack of support, a lack of access to healing and experiencing a chaotic lifestyle. I dreamed of finding the answers to breaking the chains that I felt were keeping me captive. My personal development journey and training have culminated in my having found my peace and happiness. But I know what it feels like to be trapped within an invisible, intangible and seemingly incomprehensible cycle of life experiences and events that keep repeating themselves. That is what makes me an insightful, empathic and intuitive practitioner."

Now qualified in Hypnotherapy, EFT, Angelic Reiki and well on my way to an NLP qualification; I have found the keys to freedom and success. I have helped many clients both during my training and in a professional capacity since 2016. I have been astounded by the difference I can make and I am looking to increase my reach and improve lives not just in the U.K but across the globe. Let me help you make the shift for yourself. If you are looking for transformation then you could do it for yourself like I did. But it would serve you much better to do it in far less time without the frustration, trial and error and stumbling that it cost me.

Mission & Philosophy

Rosanna's practice is very self reflective and she is always seeking new knowledge, growth and new ways to improve delivery and practice in a mission to deliver great service and outcomes for clients. She seeks to deliver her knowledge and share her skills with an international, global audience. She is open to opportunities to partner with those who can help her extend her reach in delivering the Refresh message which is 'you can overcome all your obstacles'. It is her firm belief and experience that achieving success in any area of your life should need not take years but months. It is for this reason clients have nicknamed her the Freedom Coach and a Personal Trainer for the Mind. Rosanna aims to serve you with her best intention and effort at all times. For her there is no end to personal development. She is always striving to improve and grow. She has learned to master life in a flow state through her mindfulness practice, meditation practice,  applying self Reiki treatment and self hypnosis.

Whomever you are and whatever your circumstances, Rosanna is very sensitive to your need for privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, should express anonymity be required then this will be honoured. So whether you are a CEO, a government official or a stay at home mum or dad, you can have complete faith in her discretion.


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