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Terms and Conditions

Once a booking has been accepted and confirmed by Refresh via email, the client will have entered into an agreement to receive the service requested and invoiced, based on these Terms and Conditions. The fee for the service will be deemed due accordingly. The term ‘service’ is used for sessions of all therapies, consultations, programmes etc detailed on the Refresh website.

Payment for treatment is due in full prior to the commencement of your session. Delayed payment may culminate in the loss of the proposed appointment time. No appointment is considered confirmed until payment terms have been honoured. Confirmation of your appointment will be sent following your booking via email. This will include any attachments of information appropriate to your booking. Refresh vouchers can be used as payment for treatment as specified on them and within their validity date as detailed on the voucher itself. Payment must be transferred to Refresh Coaching & Training Ltd. Sort Code 05 03 81 Account Number 49338592

Payment for Refresh Coaching & Training online academy membership, Refresh & Rise, is managed by Paypal and can be cancelled at any time. Payment cancellation of the online training membership will result in an immediate withdrawal of the facility however this may be reactivated at any future time following a renewed sign up process.

Payments for packages/retreats/workshops are due in full, in advance prior to the commencement of the course. We regret that there is no credit/instalment facility available at this time.
Packages are tailored to be taken within a certain period of time. Details of number of sessions and costings will be detailed in the information and agreement provided in a confirmation email. If not all treatments are taken within the set time, any applicable discount no longer applies and only a number of individual sessions equivalent to the paid amount can be taken.

Refresh offers a full satisfaction money back guarantee for all completed sessions/workshops/programmes/therapies. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is exemplary and we have never once in two years of trading been asked for a refund. Our testimonials speak for themselves. We are confident that we deliver complete satisfaction every time and have often surpassed expectations however, if you are disappointed and you do not wish to use our services again then we are happy to offer you a complete refund.

If for any reason a treatment is cancelled by the client within less than 48 hours notice the fee cannot be refunded. It may be possible to reschedule the booking at no extra cost, within a month of the original session. This is at the management's discretion and provided that there is availability within the next 4 week period.
If for any reason the client cancels within less than 48 hours notice, an individual session which is part of a discounted prepaid package, the entitlement to that particular session at the package price is lost unless re-booked at the time of cancellation to be arranged within one month of the cancellation date.
Should the client run late for an appointment, the session time may be shortened by the amount of time the client was delayed. In some cases it may no longer be feasible to start the session. If at all possible, the client should inform Refresh of any delay. If the therapist hasn’t heard from the client within 15 minutes of the agreed appointment time, the session may be cancelled. This is under the management's discretion.

Health and wellbeing are the responsiblity of the individual. Advice and treatments provided by Refresh are alternative, holistic and not an alternative to conventional medical opinion or treatment. The only ‘diagnosis’ in Refresh treatments will be from an alternative therapy mindset and holistic point of view limited to the scope of Rosanna Monachello's certification, skill and experience. Refresh doesn’t diagnose physical or mental disorders, doesn’t prescribe medication and doesn’t perform any hands on manipulation of the body except on an energetic level . At Refresh we don’t claim to ‘cure’; we aim to encourage positive changes through mindset transformation and bringing about change on an emotional and energetic level which can help and support the client’s body to heal itself.
During their initial consultation, clients are required to disclose any medical conditions they have and those they have suffered from in the past, and provide updates at subsequent sessions if any of the discussed aspects change. This is in no way meant to replace treatment by a doctor and any concerns requiring medical investigations should still be sought from your doctor alongside treatment with Refresh. Although the Refresh philosophy believes in the existence of psychosomatic illness, placebo and nocebo effects, stress and negative energy related disease; we aim to work alongside medical practitioners to support the client back to health and not to replace conventional medicine. Where we might suggest the seeking of a second opinion in some cases; we are of the general belief that conventional and alternative practice work very well together as partners towards optimal health.

Refresh have always regarded client confidentiality to be of the highest importance. Clients may feel assured of anonymity if desired/required. While Refresh and potential clients benefit from the testimony and referral process, Refresh totally respects the right and in some cases the need of individuals to remain anonymous. Please rest assured of our dedication to the protection of your personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information if you haven't already done so. The link will be supplied at the bottom of the page.

During a personal treatment or coaching consultation; your personal history may be discussed in order to inform an effective treatment/education/coaching plan. Insights into your learning style, love language, personality type, behavioural psychology and personal history etc provide insights which are invaluable in offering you the most cost effective and time honoured approach. It also promotes a self healing aspect for the client as he/she discovers various lightbulb moments in the relating of the past in response to relevant, timely and compassionate enquiry. This also develops a client-therapist trust relationship. It cannot be an underestimated part of a programme that provides great efficacy. This information will be kept confidential and stored securely. Please click on the link below for more about our
Privacy Policy