1 to 1 session

Rosanna Monachello qualified as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner with Distinction in early 2018. She is registered to practice as a silver member of the International Alliance of Holistic Practitioners. She has since cured a button phobia in a one hour consultation session. In addition, she has helped clients suffering from stress, anxiety, and trauma. She has also had successes with weight loss and  smoking cessation. One hour's consultation and hypnosis costs £120. A course of 3 sessions can be purchased for £99.

Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping

1 to 1 session

Rosanna Monachello is a qualified E.F.T Practitioner and as part of her certification is registered to practice as a silver member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

Appointments are made for an hour and consist of a discussion around what you are attempting to achieve or overcome followed by tapping with the fingers on 9 meridian points. It is often described as acupuncture without the needles. A lot of progress and relief can be achieved within just one session. You will come away having learnt the technique for yourself and be able to use it in every day life to combat stress and prime yourself for success prior to public speaking, interviews, performance or simply use it to aid your personal development in any given area.  A one hour session is £60

Angelic Reiki

1 to 1 session

Universal energies around us are channelled by Rosanna Monachello aiding the body to become cleared of negative energy and to achieve balance and harmony between the mind, the physical body, the etheric body and the emotions. This therapy relieves stress, can lesson pain and can help process trauma either recent or historical. Clients report feeling very relaxed and at peace following a treatment. During treatment you may experience dream like images coming to mind. Gentle physical sensations such as warmth or tingling can also occur. Clients often report seeing coloured energy while their eyes are closed. However it is perfectly normal not to feel, hear or see anything while receiving a realignment. This is also normal and is not an indication of a lack of benefit. One hour of Angelic Reiki is £80 and includes any use of crystals or an intuitive reading to enhance the experience.


1 to 1 session

An exclusive combination of Hypnotherapy and Angelic Reiki is a very powerful catalyst to help you see the changes you are looking to experience in an lesser time frame. £150 per hour. A session may include use of crystals or an intuitive reading dependent upon the client's individual need.

Holistic Arts Practice for Peace in Yourself


Experience the power of Mindfulness,  Refresh Life Teachings, meditation and painting for accessing joy in the present moment and for the release of stress, anxiety and worry. Find your inner calm. Become centred, positive and benefit from a good night's sleep.

Just £25 per 2 hour session including materials and resources. 

Book directly in advance for a block of 6 sessions and save £30 

Inspirational & Transformational Seminars, Workshops & Retreats

Book an event for your charity, association, company or school

Abundance Teaching - Secrets of Manifesting a Great Life - Creativity -Visualisation - Segment Intending - Acceptance - Allowing - Non Judgement - Non Attachment - Meditation

Mindfulness Walk & Networking with like minded individuals

Time out to devote to your own needs and growth.

A time to be motivated, inspired, re-charged and generally fired up for success. Come away with tools and resources to help you live a happier life and excel with ease.

Are you a business weighed down by absenteeism? Then contact Rosanna Monachello to discuss how she can motivate and inspire your team.

Could your school benefit from an injection of success, mindfulness and meditation teaching to help improve attendance and behaviour amongst your pupils? Rosanna has a wealth of experience both in the voluntary sector and employed as a youth worker within schools and community centres. In addition to having raised 3 boys ranging in age from 13 to 24, she worked as a childminder for 3 years when they were younger. Her knowledge of child development and psychology are grounded in 25 years of personal study and experience.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Learn to practice the art of being present

Experience the power of Mindfulness for the release of stress, anxiety and worry. Find your inner calm and increase your sense of resilience and resourcefulness. Become centred and learn to apply positive affirmations to negative situations in order to manifest good outcomes in your life. Benefit from improving your relationships at home and at work. Give yourself the gift of improving your clarity of mind and your levels of productivity. Achieve a state of flow and discover working smarter not harder.

Register your interest for Group Sessions. Just £10 per person for 1hr of Mindfulness teaching and meditation.

Book a block of 6 sessions and save £6. Meditation segment is approximately 30 minutes with time allocated to meet and greet. Sessions commence with a discussion on mindfulness.

Transformation for Freedom & Success Package £889

1 to 1 Coaching Combined with Hypnotherapy, Angelic Reiki, E.F.T & Meditation as desired with Rosanna Monachello

 It is time to create your dream reality. This is your life and you can overcome any hurdle and create any success you desire. There is no need to rely on excuses anymore. You can live your heart's desires. I have helped others and I can help you too. Together we will make it happen. You are no longer alone. Will you let me, help you build your self esteem, your confidence, your resilience, your self belief and your power to manifest abundance in your private life or your work life? You can do it. I believe in you. You are pure potential. Learn to harness the power of your mind and experience this 5 star premium 1 to 1 consultation and therapy package. Spaces are limited so don't delay, get in touch today to book your support, guidance and relief for your fast and unprecedented results.

This is a programme of 30 days 1-1 responsive support, motivation, guidance and therapy in real time. Telephone, text and email support as you need it and when you need it. This premium option will bring you extreme value. You will feel amazing. Complete satisfaction guaranteed by a 30 day refund policy. If you are committed and do the work but aren't satisfied with your results or my commitment to you then your investment will be returned. This is a 30 day programme of commitment which includes lifetime access to the Refresh & Rise Academy, Refresh Facebook group, plus 12 hours of one to one in person contact with Rosanna Monachello. This covers personal coaching and therapeutic treatments. Rosanna makes herself accessible via Skype, email, sms and telephone for guidance, support, motivation and inspiration. This is your personal development on the fast track. If you need extreme results fast then this is right for you. This is designed to give you bespoke support and advancement tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances.

Complete satisfaction on your investment in yourself or your money back.

3 month, 6 month and annual coaching package information available upon request.