After 1 hypnotherapy session I was freed from the issues causing my anxiety - brilliant
Rosanna is very caring

Wendy Plant, UK

Fabulous lady, and amazing work that she does. She's very accurate and I would highly recommend her

Kelly Smith, UK

I had a hypnotherapy session with Rosanna and felt very comfortable throughout. She was very professional and explained everything she was going to do beforehand. I have had great results following the session so am very grateful. Thank you Rosanna

Lucy Norris, UK

I had a hypnotherapy session with Rosanna and emerged feeling so wonderfully relaxed and energised. Rosanna made me feel very safe and protected and I felt that she really listened and understood exactly what needed to be accomplished.

Annie Rea, UK

"The Burton Belles WI group would like to thank you for the interesting HAPPY session you delivered. The ladies found the meditation relaxing and some said they slept better that night than they had in ages! We found you to be very friendly ,relaxed  and non obtrusive in what is sometimes a personal/delicate task"

Wendy Plant, Women's Institute, Burton

"Rosanna delivered a H.A.P.P.Y  Art course to our clients. We received very positive feedback from everyone who had attended. All the clients praised her insight and meditation skills and felt that they had been introduced to Mindfulness very gently. Rosanna also prepared a fantastic Evaluation Report that we can use to apply for future funding. All together, the service Rosanna delivered was far beyond our expectations.
Agar Nook Community Centre  /EMH Homes

I was at meeting where Rosanna gave a very informative, interactive and thought-provoking presentation. I would recommend that if you have the opportunity to attend one of Rosanna's courses or presentation, that you do so.

Dave Tyrrell

"The treatment was a revelation both during and after. I very much look forward to seeing Rosanna again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their life"
Shushma Macleod, UK

"....I know that she has a true gift - indeed many gifts. I would not hesitate to recommend her services - always given from the heart"
Elizabeth Carney, UK

"...I wasn't in the best place, either emotionally or in terms of my career focus and direction. With her knowledge, guidance and instinctive capacity for understanding, I have re-established my sense of self-worth and restored my motivation levels to where they need to be. I have made some major decisions and changes this year and I'm not sure I would have got to where I am now quite so quickly if it hadn't been for her."
Olivia Brown, UK

"Rosanna had let me know the way to move. It been the most irritating time when i was most confused and in a situation of turmoil, Rosanna guided me to the path of positivity and provided me an umbrella of discipline which helped me to keep my focus..."
Goswami Vipen, India

"Rosanna is a great person who is very committed to helping others on their journey, to provide support and advice. I could always count on her when I needed help the most and I think that she can easily connect to people thanks to her openness and non judgemental approach. If she appears on your path you are in good hands!"
Ola Rohulan, Poland

"I think she is amazing, very helpful, willing to listen and help, was a great comfort to me..."
Joanna F Thomas, UK

"She is very intuitive and was able to pick up on so many areas of my life where I've been experiencing difficulties and energetic blocks. she not only provided me with guidance and resources but also an extreme sense of healing and peace to help me balance it all out. She is beyond amazing and gifted and comes highly recommended."

Steph Gomez

"She touched on a lot of things that were really causing stress in my life and made me feel more centred and at peace. Thank you for your time and energy!!"

Sarissa White

"Amazing reading. I lack the articulation needed to fully convey how mind blown I was. What she told me hit home. I'm so grateful"

Carrie Giesinger

"She was very on point with everything she said and I'm VERY appreciative of her..."

Ann Patterson