Use Your Brokeness for Baite & Your Failure for Food

Rise rise up, Rise up, Rise Up!!!

The world needs you. I care where you have been, what you have done and I care that you may have been beaten  down, chewed up, rinsed out, tapped out ……whatever your story….this is your time. I will get you tuned in, tapped up and turned on to yourself and charged with the source that creates worlds. I am going to light the fire within of those who come to my one day retreat. It is time to accept your brokenness for bait. The bait you need to spur you on to your best self. Your story and your experience has a message and a use. It is a signpost to your tribe. It is a message of what you have to give to the world. Your scars, your cuts, your bruises; they are all hallmarks of your existence; of your aliveness, of your feelingness and of your worthiness. They are a reminder that you are a survivor. You are an overcomer. You are the light in the darkness, I know because you are still here. Your light may be petering out but it is not out and I will fan that little flame. You are resilient and resourceful or else you would not be here…..still… are a fighter so get up and dust yourself off. You may have fallen for the 100th time but you are not beat. I know because you still have breath enough to sit and read this. Are you rejected? Then walk out of that town called Rejection and dust off your feet. There is a lot of wisdom in what Jesus said when you enter a town and are scorned or rejected…..just leave, don’t look back, and brush the dust off your feet. I think what is meant is forget the bad, leave the bad, look to the future and focus on the good.

‘So often we take care of everybody and the whole time we’re putting ourselves on the back burner. This is the season for you to ‘do you’ first.’ Lisa Nichols

I was once broken china but I poured liquid gold into my cracks. You can too. I am here to show you how and help you. You can choose to be a living, breathing, walking lighthouse. You can be the kind of person whose presence lights up a room. I want to see an army of living, breathing, walking lighthouses go out into the world and shine their special unique light. Will you be one of them? Will you stand up and be counted? Will you rise up from your brokenness and heal so radically that you look at your failures and use them for food? Will you change the way you view your failures and turn them into fuel? Will you use that fuel to get you to where you NEED to be in your life? You are not reading this by accident. You have been lead here to find your answers. Your heart has been seeking and universe always answers. You need healing and I am here to light the way. You need transformation and I am here to transport you. You need radical motivation and inspiration and I am here to serve you up food to feed your mind, body and soul. If anything of what I have written has stirred you or resonated with you then I urge you to book onto Refresh & Rise One Day Retreat. Is it just chance that you have come across me or is this synchronicity? You won’t regret it! Book now at the Early Bird Price just £150 until 30th December. It includes a 5 star award winning venue with beautiful gardens steeped in history. All day refreshments and easy parking at the venue are a part of the package. Like the late, great Wayne Dyer said ‘Excuses Be Gone’ ……book it now… are worth it! You will end Refresh & Rise with his resounding words on your lips ready to rise and put back on your proverbial dream coat of many colours… know the one you took off and hid in your wardrobe all these years?…..I am talking about your true authentic self; the one that has been stifled and muffled for long enough because you were afraid to be different, afraid you wouldn’t be accepted for the real you so you adopted the personality of a character in order to be liked. Well who wants to be simply liked? Listen when you aren’t tapped into your true authentic self it is hard for others to really love you. Rise up, rise up. It is long overdue. Love yourself like you really matter because you are so worth it.